Healthy or Fit?

What’s the Difference Between Healthy and Fit?


The terms “healthy” and “fit” are often used interchangeably. But these two terms are not synonymous. Health and fitness are two different concepts. So, what’s the difference between the two? Let’s take a look.


First of all, health is a general term that is used to indicate the overall well-being of a person. Health is both physical and emotional, so a person could be emotionally healthy but physically unwell, and vice-versa. In general, a healthy person is a person who is free from illness and diseases, doesn’t suffer from any kind of impairment or pain, and is both emotionally sound and mentally stable. Health can be affected by a number of different factors, including the food you choose to eat, your environment and surroundings, how often you exercise, whether or not you have any illness or diseases, etc. All in all, health is a pretty general and broad term.


Fitness, however, is a much more specific term. Fitness is more a measure of an individual’s physical capabilities than a measure of well-being. While there are many different factors that affect your health, some of which you don’t have control over, your fitness level is almost entirely the product of your actions and choices. For example, the food you choose to eat and the drink you choose to drink will affect your level of fitness. And most importantly, you can improve your fitness by making the choice to exercise more often and at a higher intensity level. Everybody has the power to make choices to improve their own individual fitness level.


And while being healthy and being are two different concepts, it should be noted that they are related. Improving your fitness level will likely make you a more healthy person overall. You will reduce your risk of obesity, lower your blood pressure, and boost your immune system. Making the choice to improve your fitness level is also an excellent way to improve your overall health. 

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