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Shipping FAQ


I placed an order, now who do you use for shipping? 


Our first option is to use the USPS as we want to make sure we help this U.S. entity as lately it has been in the process of fadding away cutting jobs, closing historic buildings thru out the country and if its in our hands to help we feel we should. You can read more about this Save the Post Office here. We do however tend to need ship orders quicker, faster or to places where the USPS can not gives a proper way to track this, for ocassions like this we use UPS. 



Order FAQ


Where is my order? 


All orders can take upto 48 hrs to process, our merchant processors ensures your order has been processed meeting all the security measures they have in place, if you order has been placed over 48 hrs and its still processing most likely it has been flagged and placed on hold. send us en email by filling out the form here or give us a call 888-481-4441. 


Why does my credit card bill have another name? 


Our fufillment partner's name is Davinci Fufillment one of the biggest in Southern California they process all orders from making sure order is placed properly and securley to making sure the accurecy of your order. 


I am in Canada what do I need to know shipping/order/payment wise? 


Our company is located in Southern California U.S. - All orders placed outiside of the U.S. are subject to exchange rates by credit card processors and duty fees once your order has cross over to your local import agency. We are not liable for any of this fee's as we state clearly in our Terms and Conditions you click as read prior to placing the order. We can not estimate an fee's. 



Product FAQ



Why is my pre-work out tub half full? 


Sports Nutrition Companies sell their products by servings/weight hence you will find the jar sometimes half way full, it is much more cost effective for companies to order premade, uniform-sized tubs rather than having tubs custom made for each product. Some companies also do this taking into consideration how the product will look when displayed on a store shelf or next to their other products, Its also more eye appealing to have a bigger tub than a small one.


Why do you have such great prices? 


We buy all products on a weekely base - We buy in bulk (100's of boxes per day) specially protein bars such as Power Crunch and Questbars, we are careful with lot numbers and born date to make sure you get a bar that has not been sitting on a warehouse for too long. 

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