Staying Motiv8ed to Work out
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Staying Motiv8ed to Work out

Posted by Liz Berres 04/17/2015 0 Comment(s) Products,

Staying Motivated to Work out



Motivation is desire, and when you are talking about motivation to stay fit and healthy, an additional obstacle appears: Results aren’t instant, which makes it hard to stay focused and motivated. It’s almost always a case of the mind being ready, but the body being unable to stay in step.


The Science of Staying Motivated


Not many people are aware that there is a science to motivation. It can be used to improve health, work success, personal drive, or manage goals. Doctors say that there are three reasons why motivation fades, whether it is during a workout or in your desire to improve your physical health and social status:


  1. You feel forced.
  2. You feel it isn’t important.
  3. You feel you can’t do it.



How to Stay Motivated


Sleep properly. Do not deprive your body of sleep, but if you are on a strict schedule with your workout because of an upcoming competition or tournament, choose the workout over more sleep. However, do be careful about sleep deprivation, because it can cause you to make mistakes. Sleep deprivation will increase your dopamine levels, but you will feel tired, irritable, and sleepy.


Exercise regularly. Aside from being able to increase muscle mass and strength, exercise is one of the basic health rules.


Consider taking a supplement. There are many choices in supplements that will not cause you to gain weight but rather feel energized. Protein supplements are a great substitute to eating carbohydrates because they contain less to no sugar and give you an energy boost that lasts longer than a sugar high. You also don’t get the highs and lows associated with high sugar content food, like pasta, bread, and rice.


Eat tyrosine-rich foods or take supplements with tyrosine, an amino acid. Foods that are high in tyrosine also tend to be rich in fats and calories. On the other hand, you have to be cautious and consult your doctor before taking any supplements. The safe daily dosage is 150mg/kg, but this is not recommended if you have a medical condition or you are pregnant. Also, take in the daily-recommended dosage for beta-carotene and vitamins C and E.