Benefits of Protein (Sports Supplements)
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Benefits of Protein (Sports Supplements)

Posted by Stacy 04/17/2015 0 Comment(s) Products,


Benefits of Protein (Sports Supplements)



The body cannot live without protein and suffers if it does not have enough. While the body can produce protein if it is a matter of life or death because of lack of amino acids, protein to function daily must be taken orally in the form of food and supplements.


Protein sports supplements are a great alternative whether you are an athlete or not since you can control the quantity or dilution. There are many reasons adding for additional protein in your daily diet, such as aging, fatigue, always being hungry, being on a diet, heavy lifting, heavy training, being a vegan, or experiencing joint pains.


What Happens with Low Protein

If you have low protein, you will notice several symptoms because of the lack of nitrogen in your body. Medical studies show that nitrogen that comes from the protein you eat promotes the synthesis of protein, which creates amino acids and compounds needed by your brain and immune system and for growth.


Thus, if you don’t have enough protein, your muscles will not grow well and you could even lose muscle mass, you will be prone to be sickly, you will start losing your hair, and you will tire easily. Your health and fitness will be compromised.


For athletes, protein sports supplements are necessary because of the intensity of their workout and training regimen, which stresses their muscles. Most athletes are also on a strict diet but need protein to repair and build muscle while optimizing the storage of carbohydrates so they don’t get hungry while in competition or training.


Unfortunately, protein cannot be stored in the body, so you can’t eat a lot of protein and expect it to be “good for the next few days.” This is why protein is a daily diet requirement. Did you know that if you are diabetic, protein can replace some of your carb intake so you can control your sugar levels?


Top Protein Supplements Recommended by Professionals


Protein powder supplements are dieticians’ choice because they are easy to absorb and digest. They are also able to control the growth of extra muscle mass, so if you’re interested in training for a sport that requires you to stay lean, pick a protein powder supplement.


It must also be noted that protein supplements work with regular intake. There are no quick fixes or one-time magic formulas with protein supplements. Some of the top protein ingredients or products on the market today are:


  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Whey
  • Amino Acids
  • And Caffeine Pills


You can find protein products easily thru our website. However, do be sure to consult with your health professional prior to taking additional protein